February Frosty Fifty
February 1, 2021
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FavNameNameBib NoDist DoneTeamWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4CityState
Michelle HolmesMichelle Holmes
Submit Miles104 0.000Fleet Feet Frosty Fifty - GO BLOOMINGTON!NormalIllinois
Audrey SparksAudrey Sparks
Submit Miles107 0.000Fleet Feet Frosty Fifty - GO BLOOMINGTON!BloomingtonIllinois
Lisa HeikenLisa Heiken
Submit Miles110 0.000Fleet Feet Frosty Fifty - GO BLOOMINGTON!BloomingtonIllinois
Melody DonnellyMelody Donnelly
Submit Miles115 0.000Fleet Feet Frosty Fifty - GO BLOOMINGTON!BloomingtonIllinois
Shrimakarthik GopalakrishnanShrimakarthik Gopalakrishnan
Submit Miles166 0.000Fleet Feet Frosty Fifty - GO BLOOMINGTON!BloomingtonIllinois
Tony TamburiniTony Tamburini
Submit Miles171 0.000Fleet Feet Frosty Fifty - GO BLOOMINGTON!BloomingtonIllinois
Rich FelaRich Fela
Submit Miles106 191.500Fleet Feet Frosty Fifty - GO BLOOMINGTON!59.767.064.8BloomingtonIllinois
Scott RichardsonScott Richardson
Submit Miles165 163.680Fleet Feet Frosty Fifty - GO BLOOMINGTON!57.3849.057.3NormalIllinois
Derek KidwellDerek Kidwell
Submit Miles116 146.110Fleet Feet Frosty Fifty - GO BLOOMINGTON!42.9049.1654.05BloomingtonIllinois
Mark RuestmanMark Ruestman
Submit Miles137 133.350Fleet Feet Frosty Fifty - GO BLOOMINGTON!364750.35BloomingtonIllinois
Craig SmithCraig Smith
Submit Miles153 130.920Fleet Feet Frosty Fifty - GO BLOOMINGTON!42.1643.6445.12North PortFlorida
Robin LeendersRobin Leenders
Submit Miles163 116.260Fleet Feet Frosty Fifty - GO BLOOMINGTON!33.0340.8742.36LexingtonIllinois
Denise JovanovichDenise Jovanovich
Submit Miles145 114.100Fleet Feet Frosty Fifty - GO BLOOMINGTON!3340.640.5NormalIllinois
Rita KaneRita Kane
Submit Miles118 106.100Fleet Feet Frosty Fifty - GO BLOOMINGTON!30.242.333.6NormalIllinois
Kyle DaughertyKyle Daugherty
Submit Miles132 104.620Fleet Feet Frosty Fifty - GO BLOOMINGTON!38.4435.3930.79BloomingtonIllinois
Diana BrandtDiana Brandt
Submit Miles172 99.860Fleet Feet Frosty Fifty - GO BLOOMINGTON!32.6531.835.41BloomingtonIllinois
Gigi GloriaGigi Gloria
Submit Miles141 93.730Fleet Feet Frosty Fifty - GO BLOOMINGTON!39.2629.2225.25BloomingtonIllinois
Brooke UphoffBrooke Uphoff
Submit Miles129 87.250Fleet Feet Frosty Fifty - GO BLOOMINGTON!26.5234.6326.1El PasoIllinois
Nikki HendersonNikki Henderson
Submit Miles105 81.300Fleet Feet Frosty Fifty - GO BLOOMINGTON!24.730.126.5NormalIllinois
Christine KachelmussChristine Kachelmuss
Submit Miles147 79.000Fleet Feet Frosty Fifty - GO BLOOMINGTON!20.725.133.2CarlockIllinois
Peggy HardyPeggy Hardy
Submit Miles152 77.000Fleet Feet Frosty Fifty - GO BLOOMINGTON!23.525.328.2NormalIllinois
Kimberly HossKimberly Hoss
Submit Miles167 76.350Fleet Feet Frosty Fifty - GO BLOOMINGTON!26.2225.0325.10DownsIllinois
Jill RunyonJill Runyon
Submit Miles144 73.940Fleet Feet Frosty Fifty - GO BLOOMINGTON!25.5523.2325.16NormalIllinois
Dennis KillianDennis Killian
Submit Miles142 71.500Fleet Feet Frosty Fifty - GO BLOOMINGTON!2317.331.2DarienIllinois
Amy KidwellAmy Kidwell
Submit Miles117 70.450Fleet Feet Frosty Fifty - GO BLOOMINGTON!23.626.320.55BloomingtonIllinois
Kelly BarnhillKelly Barnhill
Submit Miles177 65.810Fleet Feet Frosty Fifty - GO BLOOMINGTON!20.5422.2723.00EllsworthIllinois
Gene HardingGene Harding
Submit Miles149 62.030Fleet Feet Frosty Fifty - GO BLOOMINGTON!17.4218.4326.18NormalIllinois
Rick VincentRick Vincent
Submit Miles170 60.900Fleet Feet Frosty Fifty - GO BLOOMINGTON!21.239.7NormalIllinois
Emily SchirerEmily Schirer
Submit Miles101 60.900Fleet Feet Frosty Fifty - GO BLOOMINGTON!2223.715.2BensonIllinois
Erin WeizeorickErin Weizeorick
Submit Miles121 60.500Fleet Feet Frosty Fifty - GO BLOOMINGTON!2418.518NormalIllinois
Karrie RuestmanKarrie Ruestman
Submit Miles136 58.000Fleet Feet Frosty Fifty - GO BLOOMINGTON!201721BloomingtonIllinois
Becky DomkuskiBecky Domkuski
Submit Miles138 57.000Fleet Feet Frosty Fifty - GO BLOOMINGTON!171822TowandaIllinois
Lauri MeinsLauri Meins
Submit Miles122 55.000Fleet Feet Frosty Fifty - GO BLOOMINGTON!261316NormalIllinois
Lily MedinaLily Medina
Submit Miles175 54.160Fleet Feet Frosty Fifty - GO BLOOMINGTON!15.9016.4021.86OglesbyIllinois
Julie ZeiJulie Zei
Submit Miles169 54.060Fleet Feet Frosty Fifty - GO BLOOMINGTON!13.8114.7525.5BloomingtonIllinois
Chase DwinalChase Dwinal
Submit Miles114 53.220Fleet Feet Frosty Fifty - GO BLOOMINGTON!8.5227.717BloomingtonIllinois
Tyler BishopTyler Bishop
Submit Miles174 50.000Fleet Feet Frosty Fifty - GO BLOOMINGTON!1214168BloomingtonIllinois
Dawn DieckgrafeDawn Dieckgrafe
Submit Miles155 48.870Fleet Feet Frosty Fifty - GO BLOOMINGTON!24.63321.24BloomingtonIllinois
Jessica BillingtonJessica Billington
Submit Miles179 48.650Fleet Feet Frosty Fifty - GO BLOOMINGTON!9.524.0515.1BloomingtonIllinois
Cindy HaukCindy Hauk
Submit Miles119 48.000Fleet Feet Frosty Fifty - GO BLOOMINGTON!141024NormalIllinois
Kory KatkusKory Katkus
Submit Miles176 47.950Fleet Feet Frosty Fifty - GO BLOOMINGTON!18.215.514.25BloomingtonIllinois
Raegan RinchiusoRaegan Rinchiuso
Submit Miles139 47.610Fleet Feet Frosty Fifty - GO BLOOMINGTON!17.889.6620.07NormalIllinois
Troy StonekingTroy Stoneking
Submit Miles143 47.000Fleet Feet Frosty Fifty - GO BLOOMINGTON!151616BloomingtonIllinois
Laura BecherLaura Becher
Submit Miles102 46.560Fleet Feet Frosty Fifty - GO BLOOMINGTON!15.2615.116.2NormalIllinois
Rich BealRich Beal
Submit Miles128 45.500Fleet Feet Frosty Fifty - GO BLOOMINGTON!15.7514.7515.0BloomingtonIllinois
Sandra SharpSandra Sharp
Submit Miles162 44.500Fleet Feet Frosty Fifty - GO BLOOMINGTON!14.016.314.2NormalIllinois
Marla HuberMarla Huber
Submit Miles178 44.000Fleet Feet Frosty Fifty - GO BLOOMINGTON!32714NormalIllinois
Shelly ChallansShelly Challans
Submit Miles133 43.740Fleet Feet Frosty Fifty - GO BLOOMINGTON!8.7319.5115.5NormalIllinois
Denise GoffDenise Goff
Submit Miles130 43.100Fleet Feet Frosty Fifty - GO BLOOMINGTON!13.1016.0014.00NormalIllinois
Renee StrombergerRenee Stromberger
Submit Miles103 42.830Fleet Feet Frosty Fifty - GO BLOOMINGTON!15.414.5412.89BloomingtonIllinois
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