Chicago Half Marathon Series
March 17, 2019

The following participants have completed at least *2* races in the series. Results are updated through Chicagoland Spring Half Marathon.

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FavShareNameAge GroupGenderCityStateNumber of Races
Davis Garcia Ages 25-29MaleChicagoIllinois3
Pablo Ramirez Ages 25-29MaleElk Grove VillageIllinois3
Ana Garcia Ages 30-34FemaleChicagoIllinois3
Katherine Caughey Ages 35-39FemaleHoffman EstatesIllinois3
Michelle Gallagher Ages 35-39FemaleCarol StreamIllinois3
Gerardo Cano Ages 35-39MaleChicagoIllinois3
Tom Gilmartin Ages 35-39MaleOak LawnIllinois3
Jennifer Barber Ages 40-44FemaleCrystal LakeIllinois3
Nancy Donahue Ages 40-44FemaleJolietIllinois3
Sara Grupe Ages 40-44FemaleVernon HillsIllinois3
Shengxi Duan Ages 45-49MaleNapervilleIllinois3
Vijay Ramanathan Ages 45-49MaleNapervilleIllinois3
Kathy Barlow Ages 60-64FemaleSchaumburgIllinois3
Mark Buettner Ages 60-64MaleDes PlainesIllinois3
Sam Poda Ages 15-19FemaleOrland ParkIllinois2
Dharmik Sarvaiya Ages 20-24MaleSkokieIllinois2
Megan Boecher Ages 25-29FemaleArlington HeightsIllinois2
Mason Price Ages 15-19MaleHoffman EstatesIllinois2
Natasha Alley Ages 20-24FemaleSchaumburgIllinois2
Katie Lindahl Ages 20-24FemaleArlington HeightsIllinois2
Karen Alekna Ages 35-39FemaleHoffman EstatesIllinois2
Beata Cieslukowski Ages 35-39FemaleChicagoIllinois2
Yareli Cortes Ages 35-39FemaleDearborn HeightsMichigan2
Ashley Rebekah Faulkner Ages 35-39FemaleChicagoIllinois2
Renee Schaal Ages 35-39FemaleCrystal LakeIllinois2
Krista Volk Ages 35-39FemaleRound LakeIllinois2
Grant Goehler Ages 35-39MaleChicagoIllinois2
Brad Rice Ages 35-39MaleArlington HeightsIllinois2
Roxana Acevedo Ages 25-29FemaleCarpentersvilleIllinois2
Britney Kravish Ages 25-29FemaleRomeovilleIllinois2
Lindsay Oriold Ages 25-29FemaleNormalIllinois2
Dori Mccrum Ages 40-44FemaleHoffman EstatesIllinois2
Jennifer Ruffner Ages 40-44FemaleSkokieIllinois2
Miles Faith Ages 25-29MaleChicagoIllinois2
Mikee Villa Ages 25-29MaleDes PlainesIllinois2
Tyler Lewke Ages 40-44MaleChicagoIllinois2
Victor Perez Ages 40-44MaleElginIllinois2
Ramoncito Selda Ages 40-44MaleBuffalo GroveIllinois2
Angel Sierra Ages 40-44MaleBarringtonIllinois2
Zdenek Sloup Ages 40-44MaleSchiller ParkIllinois2
Marcin Stachowski Ages 40-44MaleDes PlainesIllinois2
Anna Clement Ages 30-34FemaleChicagoIllinois2
Denise Dougherty Ages 30-34FemalePingree GroveIllinois2
Roxy Ledwa Ages 30-34FemaleJolietjolietIllinois2
Selene Marquez Ages 30-34FemaleElmwood ParkIllinois2
Janet Rusniak Ages 30-34FemaleArlington HeightsIllinois2
Rachel Muthui Ages 45-49FemaleElk Grove VillageIllinois2
Rebecca Riser Ages 45-49FemaleHomer GlenIllinois2
Katherine Somerfield Ages 45-49FemaleOrland ParkIllinois2
Xiaosu Keana Yoshikawa Ages 45-49FemaleNapervilleIllinois2
Page 1 of 3 (128 items)