American Turkey Tradition
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
Race Name
11578Adam Higham15:41.530-34133Male1Memphis Hungry Turkey 5k5:03 min/m
24404Thomas Taylor15:55.120-24121Male2Omaha Turkey Trot 5k 20185:08 min/m
34579Aj Knowles15:55.820-24220Male3Omaha Turkey Trot 5k 20185:08 min/m
43666Jahaziel Carreon15:59.530-34234Male4Cedar Rapids Turkey Trot 5k 20185:09 min/m
54301Zach Kush16:01.815-19118Male5Omaha Turkey Trot 5k 20185:10 min/m
63730Drew Burmahl16:04.230-34331Male6Cedar Rapids Turkey Trot 5k 20185:11 min/m
74349Connor Hayes16:05.715-19217Male7Omaha Turkey Trot 5k 20185:11 min/m
81814Paddy Furlong16:13.415-19317Male8Long Grove Turkey Trot5:13 min/m
93582Brandon Womack16:19.030-34430Male9PLANO TURKEY TROT 5K5:15 min/m
109410Cameron Erhardt16:27.925-29128Male10New York City Turkey Trot5:18 min/m
119491Kyle Guzman16:30.620-24320Male11New York City Turkey Trot5:19 min/m
124498Jack Spanel16:32.515-19417Male12Omaha Turkey Trot 5k 20185:20 min/m
133719Travis Jasper16:36.015-19516Male13PLANO TURKEY TROT 5K5:21 min/m
144175Jacob Gathje16:37.315-19616Male14Omaha Turkey Trot 5k 20185:21 min/m
151369Alex Koksal16:37.325-29228Male15Columbus Hungry Turkey5:21 min/m
164359Brayden Adams16:42.215-19718Male16Omaha Turkey Trot 5k 20185:23 min/m
173886Jack Lemke16:46.630-34533Male17Omaha Turkey Trot 5k 20185:24 min/m
182032Joshua Iglus16:47.620-24420Male18Memphis Hungry Turkey 5k5:25 min/m
194335Konner Larkin16:48.715-19818Male19Omaha Turkey Trot 5k 20185:25 min/m
203443Sam Lorimer16:49.620-24520Male20Cedar Rapids Turkey Trot 5k 20185:25 min/m
214173John Gathje16:57.455-59156Male21Omaha Turkey Trot 5k 20185:28 min/m
221440Jake Greenberg16:59.420-24624Male22Grant Park Turkey Trot5:28 min/m
233498Jorge Atayde17:00.015-19918Male23Omaha Turkey Trot 5k 20185:29 min/m
241846Connor Bach17:02.020-24720Male24APPLE VALLEY TURKEY TROT5:29 min/m
251379Jacob Kodrick17:04.315-191015Male25Grant Park Turkey Trot5:30 min/m
268892Michael Hawkes17:05.515-191115Male26New York City Turkey Trot5:30 min/m
273625Lewis Kleman17:07.715-191216Male27Cedar Rapids Turkey Trot 5k 20185:31 min/m
281850Peter Drews17:11.025-29326Male28Milwaukee Turkey Trot5:32 min/m
294185Ty Graham17:12.015-191319Male29PLANO TURKEY TROT 5K5:32 min/m
304315Maxton Ross17:12.820-24820Male30Omaha Turkey Trot 5k 20185:33 min/m
313605Paul Schneidermann17:14.315-191417Male31Cedar Rapids Turkey Trot 5k 20185:33 min/m
321873Noah Revels17:16.015-191516Male32APPLE VALLEY TURKEY TROT5:34 min/m
332371Patrick Deedy17:16.625-29426Male33Cedar Rapids Turkey Trot 5k 20185:34 min/m
343969Gian Delfin17:20.020-24920Male34PLANO TURKEY TROT 5K5:35 min/m
3511125Zachary Long17:21.015-191617Male35Chanhassen Turkey Trot5:35 min/m
363515Danny Baker17:22.420-241021Male36Cedar Rapids Turkey Trot 5k 20185:36 min/m
371529Michael Connolly17:22.630-34631Male37Long Grove Turkey Trot5:36 min/m
382266Nick Leahy17:23.015-191718Male38Youngstown Turkey Trot5:36 min/m
399538Zabih Kotecha17:24.220-241121Male39New York City Turkey Trot5:36 min/m
403119Evan Reister17:27.020-241224Male40Louisville Hungry Turkey 5K5:37 min/m
411890Patrick Hart17:27.215-191816Male41Long Grove Turkey Trot5:37 min/m
429368Philip Oreopoulos17:27.745-49146Male42New York City Turkey Trot5:37 min/m
433620Nick Juntunen17:27.915-191919Male43Rochester Turkey Trot 5k 20185:38 min/m
441696Michael Stephenson17:28.815-192019Male44Dayton Turkey Trot5:38 min/m
453665Ashley Carreon17:28.925-29129Female1Cedar Rapids Turkey Trot 5k 20185:38 min/m
462354Khory Nobles17:29.315-192117Male45Cedar Rapids Turkey Trot 5k 20185:38 min/m
473225Braden Robbins17:30.730-34731Male46Louisville Hungry Turkey 5K5:38 min/m
482722David Reed17:31.120-241323Male47Louisville Hungry Turkey 5K5:39 min/m
492287Jeff Landherr17:32.235-39135Male48Cedar Rapids Turkey Trot 5k 20185:39 min/m
503302Trenton Hildenbrand17:34.815-192216Male49Louisville Hungry Turkey 5K5:40 min/m
Page 1 of 517 (25818 items)