Washington Middle School Panther Invite
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August 28, 2018
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1504Spencer Vincent13:26.0Boys OpenKingsley Junior High School86:43 min/m
2498Jagger Phillips13:36.8Boys OpenKingsley Junior High School66:48 min/m
3575Deegan Reece13:37.1Boys OpenWashington Middle School66:48 min/m
4476Landen Alcorn13:37.4Boys OpenKingsley Junior High School76:48 min/m
5180Charlie Bassen13:49.0Boys OpenPekin Junior High76:54 min/m
6497Noah Patterson13:51.8Boys OpenKingsley Junior High School86:55 min/m
7469Max Palacios13:53.6Boys OpenGermantown Hills76:56 min/m
8560Elijah Mabe14:05.6Boys OpenWashington Central77:02 min/m
9479Andrew Bokus14:06.8Boys OpenKingsley Junior High School87:03 min/m
10474Yishak Weinman14:14.9Boys OpenGermantown Hills67:07 min/m
11525Cohen Alexander14:21.9Boys OpenOlympia Middle School67:10 min/m
12426Seth Parent14:32.8Boys OpenChiddix67:16 min/m
13433Drew Thomas14:34.8Boys OpenChiddix77:17 min/m
14436Nate Witzig14:35.3Boys OpenChiddix77:17 min/m
15530Easton Nowaskie14:44.3Boys OpenOlympia Middle School77:22 min/m
16454Brady Monk14:47.3Boys OpenEureka77:23 min/m
17494Caden Nyman14:53.8Boys OpenKingsley Junior High School67:26 min/m
18499Asher Reedy14:56.5Boys OpenKingsley Junior High School67:28 min/m
19441Liam Brady14:57.5Boys OpenCorpus Christi67:28 min/m
20552Boden Nosalik15:04.2Boys OpenSt. Philomena67:32 min/m
21477Logan Alvarez15:10.0Boys OpenKingsley Junior High School67:35 min/m
22457Ian Wells15:11.2Boys OpenEureka87:35 min/m
23531Corbin Rios15:11.2Boys OpenOlympia Middle School77:35 min/m
24459Wyatt Baker15:14.1Boys OpenGermantown Hills67:37 min/m
25569Brice Banning15:16.3Boys OpenWashington Middle School77:38 min/m
26594Owen Ritter15:16.7Boys OpenWashington St. Patrick67:38 min/m
27160Conner Heskett15:17.1Boys OpenLimestone57:38 min/m
28490Edward Kim15:21.1Boys OpenKingsley Junior High School87:40 min/m
29562Nathan Mann15:28.5Boys OpenWashington Central77:44 min/m
30528Tyler Davis15:29.6Boys OpenOlympia Middle School87:44 min/m
31501Jaden Smith15:33.6Boys OpenKingsley Junior High School67:46 min/m
32492Brady Kozlen15:37.0Boys OpenKingsley Junior High School87:48 min/m
33533Bradyn Anderson15:38.4Boys OpenPekin Junior High77:49 min/m
34470Alexander Schroff15:39.7Boys OpenGermantown Hills87:49 min/m
35461Ryley Claudin15:41.5Boys OpenGermantown Hills67:50 min/m
36444Thomas Mardis15:46.3Boys OpenCorpus Christi57:53 min/m
37557Jake Faulkner15:48.1Boys OpenWashington Central67:54 min/m
38464Erick Herchenbach15:49.4Boys OpenGermantown Hills77:54 min/m
39206Nathan Adams15:50.8Boys OpenWashington Central77:55 min/m
40487Landon Heimstead15:51.2Boys OpenKingsley Junior High School87:55 min/m
41579Jack Kelly15:51.6Boys OpenWashington Middle School87:55 min/m
42449Jacksyn Geiser15:51.8Boys OpenEureka77:55 min/m
43536Scott Herring15:59.8Boys OpenPekin Junior High77:59 min/m
44495Ethan Orton16:04.5Boys OpenKingsley Junior High School68:02 min/m
45451Aidan Hoesktra16:06.5Boys OpenEureka78:03 min/m
46455Andrew Perry16:09.3Boys OpenEureka78:04 min/m
47507Isaiah Wilcoski16:11.6Boys OpenKingsley Junior High School88:05 min/m
48502Ryan Stadnik16:12.0Boys OpenKingsley Junior High School68:06 min/m
49503Joey Swearingen16:15.4Boys OpenKingsley Junior High School78:07 min/m
50471Adam Sloan16:16.3Boys OpenGermantown Hills78:08 min/m
Page 1 of 4 (165 items)